I. General Information
A. The Christian Life Center is part of the FBC, and those participating and enjoying themselves should conduct themselves accordingly.
B. No activity will be permitted that does not coincide with established tenets of the church policy as recorded in the church Constitution and By-Laws.
C. Pets are not permitted in the CLC.
D. The following will not be permitted in the CLC: gum, illicit drugs, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco in any form.
E. The CLC will be closed during regularly scheduled church-wide meetings.
F. The Minister of Activities is responsible for having adequate trained supervision in the CLC when it is open for usage.
G. The Minister of Activities will be responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of these rules with the guidance of the pastor, CLC committee and the deacon body.
H. The Minister of Activities, CLC committee, pastor, person or persons in charge of activities reserves the right to request a participant to leave the CLC pertaining to conduct, inappropriate dress, eligibility, improper language, etc. Repeated offenders of a serious offense may result in a longer suspension of privileges. The CLC committee will make the decision.
I. Shoes must be worn at all times except in special designates activities.
J. (1) Once a person of any age leaves the CLC, we will not be responsible in any way for them, their health, or safety.
(2) We cannot make people stay in the CLC
(3) We suggest that parents instruct their children to stay in the CLC.
K. Running in the CLC, other than the gym, will not be permitted.
L. No pushing, fighting, horseplay, or rowdy behavior in any form will be permitted. Continued behavior in this manner will result in immediate suspension of those engaged.
M. It is acknowledged that due to the very nature of the facility (i.e. a place for physical recreation and activity) the potential for physical injury to a participant or spectator exists. All reasonable attempts will be made by First Baptist Church to conduct the physical activities in such a way so as to keep this risk minimal. The church will allow participants and spectators to use said facility only upon their understanding and agreement that they do so at their own risk, which they assume when entering said premises. It is expressly stated that the church is not an insurer of their safety. All precautions will be to insure a person’s safety, however safety precautions must be assumed by participants. A release from liability for injuries and claims must be signed by each participant before he or she will be allowed to participate in church sponsored activity. These releases will be kept on file in the church office.

II. Participants
A. The CLC is open to all active members of First Baptist Church or any member of its Sunday School, Discipleship Training, RA’s, GA’s, Choirs, Senior Adult Group, Youth Group, and other church sponsored organizations.
B. It is recommended that the CLC Fellowship Hall only be available to the New Salem Baptist Association for meals under the direction of the New Salem Baptist Association Director of Missions and he be responsible for clean up after usage. This is as long as it does not interfere with regular usage by FBC. We ask that the church office be notified will in advance of usage in order that it be put on the church calendar.
C. It is recommended that usage of the building by any other group or persons will not be permitted.
D. It is recommended that usage of the CLC for wedding receptions and other activities (such as wedding receptions, anniversary parties, birthday parties, Sunday School class functions, youth functions, senior adult functions, etc.) be cleared with the church office in order that it be put on the church calendar.
E. We recommend that any group that uses the CLC be responsible for cleaning up and taking off trash after usage. We recommend that after any group uses the gym of the CLC that the gym be swept clean. Do not leave empty soda cans or paper products on the tables or floors of the CLC after usage. It is your facility; keep it clean and neat.
F. After usage of the CLC make sure that the heat or air is turned off in the gym. Do not leave the heat set above 50 degrees in the fellowship hall and kitchen during the winter after usage. This is a proper setting to keep the pipes from freezing during the winter in case of severe weather. In the summer time make sure air is turned off after usage of building.
G. Make sure ALL doors are closed and secured and ALL lights are turned off.

III. Equipment
A. Only First Baptist Church members and members of church sponsored organizations will be allowed to use the church recreation equipment.
B. All equipment must be returned to its proper place after usage.
C. Misuse of equipment will not be permitted.
D. No equipment shall be taken from the CLC.
E. Any damaged or malfunctioning equipment must be reported to person or persons supervising an activity in the CLC. Usage of damaged equipment will not be permitted until inspection of equipment is made and necessary repairs made, if needed, and approval for further use.
F. No tables or chairs shall be removed from the CLC.
G. Any donated equipment must be approved by CLC committee.

IV. Guests
A. A guest MUST ARRIVE with the member who invites him or her and must LEAVE when the member leaves.
B. If a guest is invited to a recreational activity please inform the person or persons in charge of the activity that you have a guest coming.

V. Reservations
A. All reservations will be made through the church office.
B. Only First Baptist Church groups or organizations and other sanctions groups may reserve any part of the CLC.
C. Members requesting reservations must provide adequate adult supervision, and at least one responsible First Baptist Church member shall be named as the person in charge of the group.
D. Reservations must be made in advance. Reserved facilities shall be relinquished immediately upon termination of the reserved time.
E. Reservations should be promptly canceled if plans are changed.

VI. Building Schedule
A. A calendar of activities will be kept in the church office.
B. All activities should be put on the church calendar.

VII. Gymnasium
A. No street shoes will be allowed on the gym floor.
B. No food or drink will be allowed in the gym area.
C. Proper attire must be worn at all times in the gym.

VIII. Skating
A. Street shoes must be checked in as church-owned skates are checked out.
B. Socks must be worn with church-owned skates.
C. Only First Baptist Church owned skates and approved individual owned skates may be used on the gym floor.
D. All skaters are subject to complying with the requests of the Skate Monitors. Failure to comply may mean dismissal from the floor.
E. Skaters MUST skate in the gym area ONLY.
F. A designated area of the gym will be reserved for small children and those learning to skate.
G. Any mechanical failure of the skates should be reported immediately to the Skate Monitors.
H. Skates WILL NOT be allowed in the rest rooms or fellowship hall. Skates must be taken off when leaving the gym floor.
I. Gym floor must be cleaned before and after skating.
J. Do not take skates outside gym.
K. No more than one visitor per child. Release form must be signed by visitor’s parents or guardian before visitor is allowed to skate.
L. Organized skating will be on Friday’s from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
M. No skating parties should be planned for Friday nights.
N. No outside groups shall be permitted to use the gym for skating.
O. No rollerblades or rubber wheels on gym floor.
P. No music will be played, this is a Christian facility.


The Christian Life Center is to help the ministry of the church in carrying out God’s work. This facility will be an instrument through which Christ can reach people and help them grow in His love and newness of life.

It is requested that each person that uses the CLC and participates in activities in the CLC conduct themselves in proper Christian manner. You are a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Timothy 4:6-9, Colossians 3:23


The goals to be achieved through and in the CLC shall be twofold:
1. To strengthen our outreach ministry, family life, and existing church organizations.
2. To minister to every age group within the church through fellowship and activities both physical and spiritual.


Activities Minister
Upon the hiring of an Activities Minister, he shall be responsible for activities in the CLC. He shall work closely with the Pastor and the CLC Committee in planning activities for the CLC for all age groups. He shall perform his duties as specified in his job description.

Volunteer Workers of CLC

Volunteer workers shall work closely with the Minister of Activities and the CLC committee and the Pastor. Volunteer workers must be members of First Baptist Church. Volunteer workers should promote a Christian atmosphere. Their services will be designated by the Minister of Activities, the Pastor, and the CLC committee.


For the present time until we hire a Minister of Activities:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Friday night skating 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Remember other scheduling must be made through the church office and proper adult supervision must be provided.