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Our Purpose

Exalt Christ
God created us to please Him through love which comes through His Son, Jesus Christ. At the moment of salvation we become fully devoted to God through a personal relationship. Because we have experienced His grace and His mercy, our response to Him reveals our desperate need for Him. He is a great God, and we live and breathe to make much of Him in Carthage, Smith County, and around the world.

Establish Connections
Christianity is all about relationships: our relationship with God and our relationship with others. As God draws people through relationships, we also do that with others. We have no power in making people accept Christ as Lord and Savior; however God created us for community, and it is through biblical community that lives are changed by God's power.

Express Compassion
The simple message of the Gospel is defined by one word: love. FBC Carthage believes in sound doctrine and principles, but is also our heart's desire to present truth to a lost world through compassionate, self-giving love, which is found in Jesus Christ.

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